3 Sexy Games to Play With Your Girl

Personals dating sites you go on might get you girls, but they don’t teach you how to succeed in the bedroom. Hell, they don’t even teach you how to get her into the bedroom in the first place! Seducing girls is getting harder and harder, and keeping her into you is damn near impossible. So, here is a guide to getting laid for you. Read The Guide To Getting Laid Using Adult Personals Dating Sites and learn how to succeed on personals dating sites. AS you know, that girls are flighty (at least, the hot ones are), so it’s important to maintain her arousal and interest in any way you can. Something that one might not think of is to play games with her. No, not like playing games with her heart – literal games with rules and moves! And Chutes and Ladders isn’t an option, either; she wants to feel like she’s with a grown man, not back in preschool. As an adult, it’s time to spice up your games with a few sexy games that you two can both get into.

Truth or Dare


“Create an atmosphere before you start the game”

This is probably one you’ve been playing your whole life, so you know the rules. If she picks truth, she has to answer whatever question you ask her. Use that to your advantage, guys! This is a choice way to figure out how many guys she’s been with, how experienced she is, and whether or not she carries baggage you might want to avoid. Start with more lighthearted questions, but get more serious as time goes on. She’ll warm up to you and be ready to talk, so don’t worry about her clamming up. After all, if she chose truth, she has to answer you. If she chooses dare…well, then she knows what she’s getting. Chances are you’ve been using truth or dare to get girls to do sexual favors for you since you were a teenager; if you haven’t, then now’s your chance. Dare her to kiss you, to take off an article of clothing, anything you want! If she doesn’t do the dare, then she loses – engage her competitive spirit by chiding her for wanting to chicken out. If she picks dare on the first go, you know you’ve got a keeper. Clearly she’s willing to go pretty far with you right away, which is always a plus. Knowing how to succeed in dating trumps what you’ll learn on personals sites, aka what girls like but not how to keep them.Truth or dare is a sexy way to find out more about her while getting her to drop all her inhibitions. It’s also a plus because you don’t have to take time to explain the rules; just get right to the sexiness!


“Get to know her darkest and wildest desire”

To really spice things up with your game, make a penalty for refusal to complete a truth or a dare. Have your girl take shots if she’s too embarrassed to do something; she’ll change her mind about it in no time. Make the penalty larger for dares (say, two shots versus one), because to be honest the dares are what you’re really after. Turning your truth or dare game into a drinking game in addition to a sex game will really amp up the passion and make it a fun night that she remembers long after it’s over.

Strip Poker


“Every man know the ultimate goal for playing strip poker”

Technically you can make a stripping game out of just about anything, so “poker” is a general term. You could probably strip to Candyland if you really wanted to. Pro tip: don’t strip to Candyland. Pick another game, preferably one that isn’t played by toddlers. If you don’t know how to play poker, or she doesn’t, just go ahead and find something else! Choose something turn-based and quick, so that an article of clothing can be discarded every time one of you loses. For best results, pick a game that you know well and that she isn’t too familiar with. If she doesn’t know what’s going on, you can beat her easily, getting her naked in no time. Be sure to lose a few times for posterity’s sake, and so she doesn’t feel too exposed, but the goal is to get her out of everything. Also make it a rule that jewelry doesn’t count or you could be there for a while.

To make your strip poker match really sexy and to get her going, wait until you’re both naked and then raise the stakes. From there on, the loser has to perform some sort of sexual act, from mild things like kisses to more intensive things like oral sex. Review your options so that you know how to best succeed in getting your personals dating site girlfriend in the mood to get down and dirty. Don’t choose the same sexy task twice! She’ll get bored and will question your creativity. Keep her interested by testing out new things and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand…and if you play your cards right, she’ll have you in the palm of hers too

Would You Rather


“Give her a scenario she can’t refuse”

This is another one that you probably already know the rules to and have been playing for years. It’s a simple game in which you list two scenarios and the other person tells you which scenario they would prefer. It’s easy to appropriate this one for your girl you found on the personals dating site, if you know how to succeed in coming up with good scenarios. It takes a good amount of thought to come up with these things off the top of your head, so either is naturally skilled at generating ideas or come up with some beforehand to ask her. The game can start out innocent enough, with questions like “would you rather wear thongs or go commando”, and can easily spiral straight into the gutter from there. She’ll love answering you and asking you questions too; not to mention it’s a great way to figure out her preferences without asking her outright and making it awkward. If you’re playing a game, she’ll be way more likely to talk to you about her kinks and dirty pleasures than if you were just having a regular conversation. Play off those kinks and desires to formulate your next questions – think of it kind of like a sexy 20 questions to narrow down what kind of girl she is and what she likes in bed.

Once you figure out what she likes, offer to let her try it out for herself (on you of course). Since she essentially chose the situation, she’s going to be way more excited to get on you than if you had proposed this yourself. It’s also going to be a plus for her that now you know what she likes in bed and will be able to get her off easier because of it. Give her what she wants and she’ll be more than happy to reciprocate for you and cater to what you like, too. While playing, let her know when her decisions coincide with yours so that she knows what sort of things you two share and can determine your compatibility. This game might take a little longer to really get the ball rolling, but it’s beneficial and good introspection for you, keep it going during sex and continue giving her options she’ll love!

Creative Ways to Start a Conversation on a Hookup Site

If you’ve been using generic emails to try to generate interest on hookup sites, you probably aren’t generating a whole lot of interest. In order to really impress women, you have to make your email stand out from all of the other communications she is receiving from guys who want to hookup with her. This means that you are going to have to get creative and use your intelligence and sense of humor to initiate conversations. Because not many guys put in the effort, you’ll find that you don’t have a lot of competition to contend with if you get good at impressing women through written communication.

Can you hear me?

Impressing women through written communication.

Women on Affairs Club Go Crazy for Men with a Sense of Humor

Let’s face it; most of us have affairs because we need something light, fun, and exciting in our life. If you are on Affairs club, you have probably already noticed the trend. The women are either completely unhappy with their husbands or they’re stressed out over a high pressure career and want a way to let down their hair. Here is a Helpful review on the topic, when you understand why woman seek affairs you are more likely to have a successful one. After your research you will make your way to Affairs club where you will learn the membership base consists of people who are probably a lot like you. If you’re looking for something on the side, chances are that you don’t want to be with anyone who is dull or depressing, right? Wouldn’t you much rather have an affair with a woman who made you laugh from the very first message she sent you? Of course you would! So when you compose your first message to a woman on Affairsclub.com use a creative play on words taking something from her profile, come up with a clever riddle and ask her to guess the answer, or anything else you can come up with that will crack a woman up.

Get Creative by Finding Some Sort of a Common Thread

Commonalities breed comfort. Women are more likely to respond to men that feel familiar to them in some way. This can be a little bit trickier on hookup sites than it is on regular dating sites, but it can be done. Comb their profiles for any little thing that you can play off of as being a common thread between the two of you. Subconsciously, this works wonders with setting women at ease and making them feel like meeting up with you is an okay thing to do. Be sure to pick commonalities that make you seem more George Clooney than Jeffrey Dahmer

Creative Ways to Start a Conversation on a Hookup Site-2

Commonalities breed comfort.

Let Your intelligence Show on Adult Finder

It’s a complete mystery as to why it happens, but it seems like a lot of guys automatically get stupid when they start communicating with women on adult finder. It’s as if the prospect of finding no-strings sex causes all of the blood to leave their brain and rush to their… well, you know. Before you consider joining make your way to www.hookupmanual.com There will you get some valuable advice from experts about how to have the most success on adult finder When thing you will learn is that women find stupidity to be a giant turn-off. On adultfinder.com, one of the best ways to get a woman’s attention is to use your intelligence to your advantage. It seems that an extensive vocabulary is quite the aphrodisiac. Better yet, if you can combine your intelligence and your sense of humor by writing something witty about the IQ deficit that seems to be an epidemic, you’ll have much better luck than the average guy on adult finder.

Make it All About Her

Women love to be the center of attention. A lot of guys seem to forget that on hookup sites, and their openings to conversations tend to focus on themselves. Turn it around and talk to her about her, and you’re going to make a lasting impression. Of course, you’ll want to include a little bit about yourself, but not too much. Pay attention to every last thing about her profile, from the pictures she posts to the information she lists. Incorporate these into your talking points, telling her what you liked about her profile, and asking her questions where appropriate. She’ll be flattered, and with so little information about you, she will probably be intrigued, too. This is a winning combination when it comes to starting a conversation on a hookup website. Everyone enjoys being complimented, and if you ask her questions, it gives her further opportunity to talk about herself, because you’ve showing interest in knowing more about her. The intrigue portion is good, because it gives her an opening to ask you some questions, and it is this sort of back and forth dialogue is what will quickly make a woman feel comfortable enough to meet you in person, which of course, is the end goal. Always keep the end goal in mind when you compose your correspondences. You want to make yourself as safe, familiar, and appealing as possible. This is how you get from the first step to a finished hookup, so don’t waste a single word.

5 Ways To Block Pornography: Securing Your Child’s Internet Browsing

The Internet is a great source of information. Unfortunately, not everything that is found online is good for your child. Pornographic images, for instance, should not be viewed by children. Considering that there are so many sources of porn online, you might think that it is not possible to protect your kids from these sites. It is possible. In fact, you can find below 5 ways to eliminate or at least reduce the risks that your child will come across porn as well as malware.

1.) Make sure that your search engine is set to “safe search” mode.

Go to the safety settings of the search engine that you use and look for this feature. If your child makes use of YouTube and other similar services, make sure to set it to safe mode too.

2.) Make use of family safety tools found in your device or operating system.

You can find family settings both in Mac and Windows operating systems. Take the time to check these settings and adjust them according to your needs.

Enable Family Safety

Enable Family Safety

3.) Take advantage of family safety tool services.

These are also known as parental controls. They enable you to filter the content that is searched. Certain kinds of content may be blocked. The tool is not just for children, but also for adults who do not want to content that is related to violence and hate.

Check the different tools available and read reviews for each of them. Your children mature as years pass by, and content that was once unacceptable may become acceptable. Others may be unacceptable at all times. Look for a tool that best suits your needs.

Once you have chosen a tool, install them in each device that your kid utilizes in order to go online whether a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. There are services that cover all kinds of devices while some are only for phones and computers. Finding a tool that works on different devices makes monitoring a lot easier.

4.) Check the browser’s history regularly.

Children do not just use the obvious words for them to get to the site that contain porn. They may use slang that is not familiar to you as well as keywords that can take them to pornography filters. As for social networking sites, tell your children to give access to friends only. Also, their sites should remain private since pornography is often shared in private albums.

Check the cache.

Check the cache.

5.) Review the apps that your child has in their tablet or phone.

Apps that are potentially inappropriate may not be caught by mobile filters. It is best to check these apps and find out if there are inappropriate apps.

Then again, the best way to protect your child is still to talk to them. It should be an on-going discussion so that your child will understand what is appropriate and what is not.

Knowing If He Really Is The One

If you are looking for a person you can get married to then you probably are in one of the hardest dilemmas of your life. Not only do you worry if you can still manage to end up with the right one but also knowing that it is something anyone should never rush into. Like in any fairytale where a princess is rescued by a prince, women always strive to hope and find the finest. But what should a damsel really look for when searching for real her prince charming? Read on for some qualities you should look for in your beau if he’s worthy of a “happily ever after”.

  • He Treats You Like A Queen: The only one way you can see this one for yourself is by observing his ways and check if your man is still a “gentleman”. News flash ladies: Chivalry is not dead. It maybe a simple act of letting you eat first in a table or gets you a glass of water in the middle of the night but these little deeds could go a long way when you two start your journey as husband and wife. If a man thinks of your welfare first before himself in your relationship then you know you have someone who can and will take care of you when you make the leap.

  • How to Know if He's Really

    How to Know if He’s Really

  • You Connect In Bed: Enough said.

  • He Accepts You For YOU: If this man can accept you even if you are in the middle of a PMS fit then you know you’ve got a keeper right there. Whether you like it or not, women are also not easy to be with. In fact, men and women can hardly understand each other’s worlds but if you’ve got a man that accepts you whether you are in a good mood or a bad mood, can appreciate your beauty even without make up or that tight fitting body con dress and can look at you in the morning and still say you’re pretty – then you know you’ve found the right guy!

“If he treats you like a Queen

“If he treats you like a Queen

Deciding to be with someone for the rest of your life may seem awfully scary for quite a lot of people but for someone who is finally sure that she’s found the man who can stand up for her, take care of her and seemingly will be a great father to all your future kids then there is no reason to stop now. It is in every woman’s quest to find someone who is more than willing to be a friend, confidante, lover and motivator to be with her for the rest of your life and that will be enough. It is the guarantee of having a man beside you through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health and until they are both old and grey that will make you realize that you are never letting go.

Quit Smoking in 4 Easy Ways

Smoking or diseases related to smoking continue to become one of the leading reasons why people die all over the world. While governments all over the world have tried to enact laws and campaigns to encourage their citizens to quit smoking, the number of smokers has not been reduced significantly. Quitting smoking is easily said than done. Governments and health agencies have given the following tips to guide those that want to quit smoking.

  • Nicotine gum – The main reason why quitting is hard is because of nicotine addiction. Smokers smoke over and over again to get a dose of nicotine unconsciously. One method suggested is to chew nicotine gum. This is a fast acting gum where nicotine is taken in through the mouth. What’s nice about nicotine gum is that it can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. It is sold in different strength. Instead of smoking cigarette, they can satisfy their craving for nicotine through nicotine gum.

  • Nicotine nasal spray – Unlike the nicotine gum, this delivers nicotine directly to the bloodstream. This is because this is taken though the nose. However, this can’t be bought over the counter. You need to get a doctor’s prescription. Aside from that it is relatively more expensive than a nicotine gum. The price is all worth it. Withdrawal symptoms can be addressed at once and cravings can be controlled. Smokers however are cautioned in using the nasal spray. If they use this often, they might become addicted to it instead of the cigarettes. Use it only when you absolutely need it. To prevent addiction, doctors usually prescribe it only within 3 months or less.

    Nicotine nasal spray is only

    Nicotine nasal spray is only

  • Acupuncture – This method has recently become popular in the Western counties. Acupuncture is practiced in Asian countries particularly in Chine and has been used for the past thousand years. In principle, acupuncture is the right way to insert needles in different pressure points to restore chi flow. When a body has blocked or disrupted chi flow, this will cause diseases and abnormalities. There are many who claim that they were able to quit smoking after going through an acupuncture session. However, this method has no documentation and there are not many studies done to prove its effectivity.

  • Hypnosis – There are many who claim that they were able to quit smoking after hypnosis. However, experts have a hard time measuring its effectiveness because there is still no standard documentation about how to perform this method. There are many people who find this method effective even if this is not yet an established method. You can try it but to be sure consult your doctor.

Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Deciding to quit smoking is easier to do. However the real struggle is in sustaining your decision to quit. Most of the work in quitting is on controlling the craving because smoking one cigarette again because you can’t control the craving is already a failure. Control the cravings, control the withdrawal symptoms and you will be successful. When everything else fails, consult an expert. 

Investment Lessons From The Wizards Of Wall Street

In the past, there have been many smart investors who never failed to receive high returns from the stock market. The main reason behind their success story is quite easy to fathom. They followed certain defined fundamentals and adhered to it even in the worst of situations. Successful investors are those who don’t hesitate to take risk in companies with high growth rates and innovative products. Likewise, there are several other factors that determine your fate in the market. Warren Buffet is the biggest Wall Street guru who is now counted among the top 5 richest people in the world. He followed some simple rules to excel in the race to become rich in a matter of months. The best investment practices to attain high returns from Wall Street are listed below:

a.) Purchase a company, not just shares - When you decide to invest in a particular company, don’t just purchase a share in it. Instead, think as if you are purchasing the entire company. Now the biggest question that comes to the mind is how it can be possible. Consider yourself at an imaginary position from where you can purchase anything and everything that comes your way. In the next step, look for a company that you would love to own. For this purpose, you will scrutinize every single detail such as what products does the company manufacture, where are its headquarters, in how many countries has it set up its base, and so on. In the end, the one which seems best to your mind, invest in it without any pinch of hesitation.

101 Investment Lessons from

101 Investment Lessons from

b.) What are its return on equity and invested capital? - The next step should be to scrutinize the fundamentals of a particular company that you have selected keeping the aforementioned point in mind. Return on equity can be obtained directly from the annual balance sheet of a company. You should try to study the results for not only the present year but also for the last five years at least. Likewise, you should calculate the return on invested capital. Both of them should be more than 15%. Any figure less than this should ring the alarm bells to avoid any possible investment. These fundamentals showcase the ability of a company to transform its shareholders money into productive entities.

c.) Working capital should be positive - Working capital is a measure of current assets and liabilities of a company. A negative working capital is not good to sustain growth levels for a longer period. Assets should always be more than the liabilities. It allows the company to take risks in tough conditions. And you can easily invest money in such companies.

d.) Burden of debt should be less - Every company that has a low to nil debt on its shoulders has the freedom to expand business as and when needed. This means that the company has the inputs to reach higher levels in the market through different routes of business. A higher debt accompanied with low profit margins can push a company into the puddle of disaster. Therefore, you must check the total debt in a company’s balance sheet before deciding to make an investment



Getting Through Company Politics To Boost Your Career

There are a few things you don’t learn from college. While formal post secondary education can teach you how to be a competent engineer, nurse, advertiser, or doctor, it does not prepare you to face and overcome the politics in the work place. Advancing one’s career in the real world employees requires a socio-political awareness and skill. Employees learn sooner or later that surviving and thriving in the corporate jungle that it’s not what you know that counts, but whom you know.

The case of Helen

Over the last five years, Helen has been an exemplary pediatric nurse who regularly put in more overtime hours than most of her peers in the hospital. She has had highest job performance ratings and several verbal and written commendations from her patients to prove it. She was in line for a shift supervisor position along with a couple of other nurses. But she didn’t get the promotion. Another nurse, Stella, with a similar performance rating but fewer overtimes and commendations got the promotion.

What went wrong? From a competence perspective, Helen deserved the promotion above anyone else. However, Stella was more popular among the staff, senior nurses, and doctors, inviting them to barbecue dinners at her home, giving them gifts on their birthdays and anniversaries, and stood as maid of honor to the weddings of two resident doctors who have strong influences in management, one of whom has been promoted twice already to become the head of the pediatric department. In short, apart from having a successful social relationship with her bosses and colleagues Stella got herself hitched to a rising star in the company.

boost your professional

boost your professional

Navigating around company politics

The company is a social organization. And any social grouping has it politics to get things done informally. Knowing whose asses to lick, pardon the expression, has more positive impact on your career than just having a high performance rating, with all things equal. It doesn’t help if in a meeting, your words come off alienating a high ranking staff in the meeting. But winning the support of a senior staff who is blazing the trail to the top can make a difference in your career. Here are some valuable tips when navigating around corporate politics.

Know when to talk and shut up. If your boss is unpopular to top management, don’t be too quick on the draw defending him when attacked in a meeting. Your boss may recommend you for a promotion, but if his boss is not sympathetic to him, his recommendations won’t matter.

Be a social animal. The corporate jungle is a place to win friends. Maximize the opportunity. Join company events like anniversary celebrations, family days and sales conventions and show your vivacity and social graces. Invite your peers and managers your work with to your birthday celebrations or that of your spouse and kids. You will never know who among them can give a good word or two about you when your time for promotion comes up.

Hitch yourself to a rising star. If you know someone who smells like roses to top management and has had a successful career, make the effort to be on his or her side. Consider it your lucky star if this person asks a favor or has assigned you a project. This is the best time to show what you can do and please that person.

Navigating Office Politics

Navigating Office Politics

The last word

Doing your job as expected is the right thing to do, but this is basic for any employee. The workplace is highly competitive and while doing your best can get you high marks, don’t forget about the politics. HR managers about to sign your promotion papers will always ask around about what they think of you. And if they don’t like what they hear, you can kiss your promotion goodbye.